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Pining to live the 1950s lifestyle, but feel like it’s 60 years too late? Never fear. Live your 1950s #BestLife and celebrate Americana with an authentic diner for sale.

The diner, known as the Crossroads Diner for decades, closed shop in 2018 and resides in New Jersey, but the eBay seller claims the entire building is movable. It’s also apparently the only diner model the Campora Dining Car Company built before the company shut down in the 1950s. The price is fairly affordable, but moving the manufactured and stainless steel building won’t be easy. All the seller says is that it’s possible to move the entire diner car somewhere else, and it needs to be taken off of the property as soon as possible.

1957 diner for sale on eBay

1957 diner for sale on eBay

The exterior looks like it’s missing a couple of 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sedans parked outside and the inside is just as much of a time capsule. There’s seating for 48 to 50 people inside, with counter stools and booths for milkshakes, burgers, and probably a slice of apple pie. The 62-year-old diner doesn’t show any signs of damage to the exterior and the interior is pretty spotless, too. The original floors and ceiling remain, and ooze nostalgia.

1957 diner for sale on eBay

1957 diner for sale on eBay

When it comes time to move it, the steel frame and undercarriage of the diner also show little corrosion.

The full onslaught of diner equipment also comes with the sale, including the back bar equipment, refrigerators, cashier booth, and neon sign tubing. The seller said some of the kitchen equipment may also be available with the sale. 

Whomever decides to pony up and take on the challenge of moving the diner will have a nifty piece of history on his or her hands. The current bid stands at $25,200. You could buy a sedan for that money—or a greasy spoon for up to 50 friends. Up to you.

Hat tip to Gary Grant!


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